Jul 13, 2019

God Sees your Efforts

Discouraged? Unmotivated? Ready to Quit? – Me Too!
I just ended two extremely busy weeks and to be honest I was ready to quit more than once.  I don’t mind meetings and activities, but when others don’t pay attention and don’t offer effort – I get discouraged.  Typically ‘for the good of the group’ is sufficient to motivate my efforts, but sometimes I get tired and criticized and I temporarily lose the drive.  If you have felt the same, let’s get our encouragement from the Lord, He never changes and always wants our good!
Gen 1:28 “…Be fruitful and multiply…”, Jas 4:17 NKJV - Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do [it], to him it is sin. (1 John 3:17)
God has told us many times to go forth.  He says “make disciples,” “be fruitful,” “entertain strangers,” and many more.  God has given us resources, spiritual gifts, time, and opportunities not for our own benefit, but to be a minister of those blessings to those around us.  This God given focus on others helps us from staring at ourselves too much.
Eph 2:10”…created in Christ Jesus unto good works. . .”Tit 2:14”…zealous of good works” Heb 10:24”…to provoke unto love and to good works:” (James 3:13)
We were made to serve and be prosperous.  God created us to have relationships, to have unique skills, and put us in specific places.  We don’t have all knowledge to know why; nor the sight to see all the results that occur from our efforts – but we can rest assured God has the knowledge and vision to see.  Further Along, we’ll understand it all.
Prov 16:3 “…he will establish your plans.” Col 3:24”. . .you will receive an inheritance from the Lord . . .” Rev 2:19 “I know thy works . . .”
God is omniscient, which means He knows (sees) everything.  This would not exclude the work we do for him.   God often blesses us here for the efforts that no one else sees, but we also have promises from Jesus that we will receive rewards in heaven from God the Father. (Math 6:1)  It is very helpful to have support and encouragement from those around us, but the scriptures make it abundantly clear that God sees us.  When others discourage us, it gives us that more reason to fully devote our efforts to the Lord, who sees in secret and rewards openly!